Kerala PSC One Time Registration

Kerala PSC One Time Registration 

Kerala Public Service Commission [KPSC] introduced the new facility ‘One Time Registration’ since January 2012. Now you don’t have to apply every time whenever there is a new notification. One time registration system allows an applicant to register their details online and the same can be used for all future job applications. Kerala PSC enabled this single window system as part of implementing the E-Governance in Kerala PSC and it makes much easier for candidates to apply for any post according to their qualifications. Candidates who wish to apply for any post should register their profile using the one time registration system once before applying. After registration you will get a user id and password. Using the user id and password you can login to your profile to apply for a post, download the hall ticket and also view the examination result. On successful submission of the application for any post, you can see the status in your profile as ‘Applied’. You can also update the profile anytime to add any additional qualification you acquire in future. The one time registration system Thulasi 1.0 has been designed and developed by the Kerala PSC using the open source software.

How to Register in PSC one time registration?

Kerala PSC One Time Registration Thulasi

Step by step Instructions for Completing Kerala PSC One Time Registration (Thulasi)

Please assure that you have the following before proceeding to registration.

What are the specifications of the photograph and signature?

1. Your recent photograph in digital form with following specifications.
Maximum Size of the photograph: 30Kb
Image Dimension: 150W X 200H px (150 width and 200 height in pixels)
Image Type: JPG.

Important: Enter the name of the candidate and date of photo taken at the bottom portion of photograph.

Click here for the Instructions regarding Uploading of Photo in Malayalam.

Also Note:

  • Face and shoulder portion of candidate should be clear in the photo.
  • Face should be erect in position and preferably come in center of the photo.
  • Background should be in white or light colors.
  • The file size do not exceed 30 kb.
  • Eyes should be clearly visible. Avoid wearing of glass and goggles.

2. Scanned image of your signature put on a good quality white paper with blue/black ink with the specification below.
Maximum Size: 30Kb
Image Dimension: 150W X 100H px (150 width and 100 height in pixels).
Image Type: JPG

3. Any one of your Identification Cards like Electoral ID, PAN Card, PEN Card, AADHAR etc.

Step 1: Open the official website of Kerala PSC

Step 2: Click the link 'One time Registration' on the top of the home page to enter into One Time Registration page of Thulasi.

Kerala PSC One Time Registration

Step 3: That will bring up the registration page. Click on New Registration or Sign Up Button to Start your one time Registration process.

One time registration

Step 4: Then a page will open asking you “please check whether your photograph bears your name and date of photo taken. Your application will be summarily rejected (non appealable) if your photo does not contain your name and date of photo taken.” Then answer it with I AGREE adding tick (by clicking in box).Then click NEXT button.

Kerala Government PSC One Time Registration

Step 5: Upload Your Photo. Primarily you have to upload your photo with Maximum Size 30 Kilo byte, Image Dimension: 150W X 200H px, Image Type: JPG. Please make sure that your photograph contains your name and date of photo taken at the bottom of the photograph. This can be done by clicking ‘BROWSE’ button in the screen and then selecting the photograph from your computer. If uploading is successful your image will pop up on right hand side of screen with KPSC mark. Then you will be asked to upload your signature.

Problems While Uploading Photograph: If your photograph is not in the prescribed format it will be rejected with error details like "face not at the center", such as if it is so you have to correct it. You can see a link below the blank photograph on right hand side "HELP ME TO RE SIZE THE IMAGE", by using that option you can correct some of the errors.

Step 6: Then Upload your Scanned Signature of Maximum Size: 30Kb, Image Dimension: 150 Width X 100 Height pixels, Image Type: JPG. This is also can be done by clicking ‘BROWSE’ button in the screen and selecting the scanned image of signature from your computer. If uploading is successful a new page will appear with your photograph and signature with KPSC mark on the right hand side.

Step 7: Next step is to fill personal details of the candidate like name , date of birth, gender, religion, caste, sub caste, father's name, mother's name, guardian's name, spouse's name, identification mark, nationality, native state, native district, native taluk, local body type (panchayath/municipality/corporation), local body etc. You should have to fill all the details accurately then click next button to proceed.

Step 8: In the next page you have to enter your permanent address, communication address etc with district, thaluk, village details. Enter the details correctly. Then click next button to proceed.

Step 9: In the next step you have to enter your Email Address and Mobile Number etc. Then Click Next.

Step 10: In the next and final page you have to enter User ID and Password which you prefer, choose a specific user name for your KPSC one time registration account, enter it in the specific box provided if that specific user name is available for you that will be displayed as available then confirm the user id by typing again in the box given below. If the user name you entered is not available, it will be shown below then you have to enter different user name check availability and proceed. Enter your specific and strong password in the specific field given. Confirm password again by typing in the required field (NOTE: REMEMBER THIS USER NAME AND PASSWORD FOR YOUR FURTHER LOG IN PROCESSES IN FUTURE) and provide access code which is case sensitive and should be similar to captcha shown in the box (carefully enter digits, capital letters as capital and small letters as small letters). Put tick on I agree and then Click Next button.

Step 11: Then you will receive SMS with user id and other details in your mobile phone number.

Now you finished the Kerala PSC One Time Registration. Remember Your User ID and Password for further use.

Kerala PSC LDC One Time Registration

How to login and Apply for Vacancies after One time Registration:

Apply for Vacancies after One time Registration

Open the web page One the home page you can see the options to enter user ID, password, access code in a box with title Registered user Log in. Enter your User ID and Password in the respective boxes provided then enter access code and click LOG IN button. You can apply for a job by clicking the ‘NOTIFICATION’ link in the right side of your one time registration profile. Then you will get active notifications. If your qualification is sufficient for a particular job in the notification it will show an apply now button. Click on it and apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (some frequently asked questions regarding one time registration)

1. How to resize photograph and signature for Kerala PSC one time registration or What is the specification of the photograph, signature for KPSC Registration?

1. A recent photograph of the candidate with face and shoulder area clearly visible.
2. The photograph should be of size 150 width x 200 height pixels, with a maximum size of 30 Kb in front facial pose.
3. The back ground should be in light shade, with clearly visible face.
4. Face should be at central portion
5. The name of candidate with date of photo taken should be added in the bottom portion of photograph.

Signature: The size should be 150 width x 100 height pixels, with a maximum size of 30 Kb.

Even though you fulfill all the specifications given above when you try to upload they may show error messages such as “Error(s) found: face not as per specifications (19 x25) or (55 x55) or (66 x66) or (39 x 45) etc.” This is because according to Kerala PSC face should be at the central portion.

So it is better to check whether your photograph and signature complies with Kerala PSC specifications.

Follow the instructions below before starting your registration to avoid unnecessary problems.

Go to Kerala psc one time registration/login page of thulasi. In the screen on right side you will find a link “RESIZE PHOTOGRAPH/SIGNATURE” below GENERAL tab. Click that link, then a new screen will appear with options to upload your photograph and signature at the top portion. Use that to browse the appropriate image file for resizing a Photograph or Signature. Image files in JPG format, up to 1MB, bigger than 150 X 200 can be resized here. When you upload your photograph there appear two images on left hand side under header UPLOADED IMAGE, on right hand side RESIZED IMAGE with specific Selection rectangles for positioning face portion. Drag the mouse on the uploaded image on left side and select specific portion and adjust the selection rectangle on right side until you are satisfied with the preview.(Face portion should come within the rectangles). Click Save to save your selection and click Download to save the resized image to your computer. You will get download option only if your photograph selection complies with specifications, otherwise it will only show error messages. In such cases you have to try again and selecting correctly with face with in rectangles and name and date at bottom until you get download option.

2. I forgot my UserID or Password?

You can know your UserID or Reset Password from the mobile number that you have used in the Profile. What is the SMS format?

SMS Options available
SMS the appropriate option to 537252 from the mobile no. which was given or last updated in your Profile.

To Know UserID

KPSC <space> USR

To Reset Password
KPSC <space> RST <space> UserID <space> DOB

e.g if your UserID is aniltvm and Date of Birth is 16/04/1984, the SMS format will be 

KPSC RST aniltvm 16041984

3. I have my User ID but do not remember my password or How to recover my Kerala PSC one time registration password?

If you forgot your password you can reset your password. For this click on "Forgot password" link below the login button on the home page of thulasi That will bring up the following window and enter your data for resetting password.

Lost Kerala PSC One Time Registration User id

You can reset your password and reuse the same User ID. Click the "Forgot password?" link in the registration page and provide your UserID, Date of Birth etc that you have already given during registration.

4. What is One-Time Registration?

Candidates, who wish to apply for any posts notified 2012 onwards by Kerala PSC, should register their details before applying through an online registration process. The Registration needs to be performed only once and you should log in using your User ID and password for applying for a post, download your hall ticket, view examination result etc.


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